31 03, 2015

Chase the dollar · Jay Z Instrumental

I can hear Jay Z along the whole beat. Jay Z Instrumental similar to some of the firsts Jay Z released tracks. Kill it and chase the dollar! Sounds Like: Jay Z Instrumental Genre: Classic / Sampled Instrumental Tags: Classic, [...]

16 11, 2014

Cold fusion · Classic HipHop Instrumental

Instant classic hiphop sample based with 90s flavour. Like some DJ Premier's old instrumentals. This classic hiphop beat talks itself, nuff said. Sounds Like: Evidence / Roc Marciano Genre: Classic HipHop / Nineties Instrumental Tags: Evidence, Roc Marciano, 90s, flavour, [...]

13 11, 2014

Sideline haters · Nineties HipHop Instrumental

Nineties smeelling classic hiphop instrumental. Chopped drumbreak and harcore chopped samples. Are you able to recognize the original one? Sounds Like: Vinnie Paz / Rakim Genre: Classic / Nineties Instrumental Tags: Nineties, 90s, Rakim, Drumbreak, Vinnie Paz, Classic, HipHop, Instrumental, [...]

1 09, 2014

Dont fuck · Vinnie Paz Instrumental

Raw classic shit and raw sample chops (no drumbreaks) in the style of some Vinnie Paz instrumentals. Nineties mood hiphop instrumental. Holla at me! Sounds Like: Vinnie Paz Genre: 90s / Classic Instrumental Tags: Vinnie Paz, Vinnie, Paz, 90s, Nineties, [...]

30 08, 2013

Gloomy sunday · Classic Instrumental

This Gloomy Sunday beat is a classic hip hop instrumental. With a brand new one feeling. It also has a few mainstream sounds. Hope you like it! Sounds Like: Classic HipHop Genre: Classic / 90s Instrumental Tags: Classic, Diggin, Vinyl, [...]

29 08, 2013

Voyeur · Smooth Instrumental

Sexiest classic instrumental you ever heard. Fits perfectly in any situation where women are involved in. Sounds Like: Voyeur sex Genre: Smooth / Classic Instrumental Tags: Women, Woman, Sexy, Classic, Sexiest, Smooth, Love [line] [box style="2"] ➜ Click the following [...]