Drake - If you're reading  this it's too late

Drake – If you’re reading this it’s too late

The newest CD of a well-known Canadian mc has been very successful, although it hasn’t had any marketing. The last 13 February, Jared Drake Bell Donson or better known as Drake has published his CD called If you’re reading this it’s too late.

The album has 17 songs and a video where the author sings to us and explain the CD title’s name. Here I will let you the 17 names of this amazing mixtape: Legend, Energy, 10 Bands, Know Yourself, No Tellin, Madonna, 6 God, Star67, Preach, Wednesday Night Interlude, Used To” (featuring Lil Wayne), 6 Man, Now & Forever, Company (featuring Travi$ Scott), You & the 6, Jungle, 6PM in New York.

Drake in his Instagram made clear that it is not a CD it is a mixtape. All songs in this mixtape can be classified in 3 kinds: gangsta, lyrics, and mix up. Only three songs make feel something to the public: Preach, Know Yourself and Energy, the last one is, from my point of view, the best one.


drake picture last album


Drake collabs in this last mixtape

These songs have a powerful way to tell us how the Mc feels: bored and half-hearted. Some of the less attractive songs have the best without s good rhythm and make the CD longer than I expected, not funny at all. We need to talk about the jewel of this mixtape. Energy, the best song by far, starts with gunshots sounds, every sentence is clear and has the correct place and rhythm completes this great hit. Energy is a nice hit and the chorus, personally, has been with me since the first time I listened to this CD.

Jewels and different kinds of tracks

The best feature is made with PARTYNEXTDOOR, he features Drake in Preach and Know Yourself. As I said before they are the other two mixtape’s jewels. Both songs have the gangsta way to tell the reality. Then, I want to talk about the video that has been published with this mixtape called Jungle. Drake with a cool beat looks for something maybe nobody listens but he is talking, he is waiting, going all around, the girl maybe is the music, every beat makes us to pretend to go with him. But, it is too late, he has no chance and the music stops.

To sum up, I want to tell how I feel after I listened to Drake, maybe it is not the best CD that he has published but he has surprised me and make me think that he can be, in a few years, a rap star, somebody to remember when we remember big hits… Are you waiting for his new CD called Views from the 6? So do I!

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