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Chase The Dollar introduction

I can hear Jay Z along the whole beat. Jay Z Instrumental similar to some of the firsts Jay Z released tracks. Kill it and chase the dollar! Grab the free download if you want to make one of the best tracks or your life.

About this Jay Z Type Beat

As you can read in the header this Jay Z instrumental is similar to some of the early Jay Z released tracks. Anyway don't panic, it's an original instrumental and it's not a clone or a remake like some producers usually do. I can find this Jay Z instrumental concretely similar to Jay Z's 'Hard Knock Life' track, but speeded up and without child voices. It also doesn't has the same chords but I think that it has the same vibes.

Jay Z's 'Anything' or 'Regrets' lyrics would also fit with the vibe of this one, but better judge and listen yourself. I think that concretely this Brooklyn based artist would love this one, specially early before he went into the 808's amazing world (that I also love). I don't doubt that Jay Z can kill both kind of subgenres, but don't know why I prefer this kind of classic raw shit for this artist.

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