This American trio has shown the world that they work very well together. Formulas are the keys for making powerful creations, and Migos has definitely created and spread a spectrum of catchy flows in the trap music scene. Each member has had the opportunity of expressing their creativity outside the group, but no doubt they create lit music together.

How did they come up with the name Migos? At the very beginning, everybody thought it referred to “Amigos”, a spanish word that means “Friends”. However, it was cleared up in an interview and the real reason was given. They are more than friends, they are blood relatives that grew up together in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

They were always very close and have lived together quite deep experiences, even being arrested on gun and drug charges. And that’s what the name Migos is about. Quavo said that they call Migos the place they come from referred as the hub of drugs.

Knowing Migos a little better

Yung Rich Nation July 2015

This hip hop trio and North Atlanta relatives created an original flow and made a mark on modern rap with the new school called Trap Music. Formed in 2009, Quavo, Offset and Takeoff transformed the genre and became a world-conquering trap trio. Although some say that trap is not hip hop, their unique style and breathtaking skills to rap have made them be undeniably successful.

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No way to stay calm while listening to Migos

They are entirely challenging and controversial, but that’s how their crowd likes them. Their fans think they have great flow and beats. If you want to get hyper and feel you have limitless energy, let’s say at a gym or a party just listen to any of their songs. Their singular style helps them be one of the most popular groups at the moment.

Hard to say there’s a song with no good beats and catchy flow. It’s not only their breakout song “Versace”, they have released several singles peaking at the best places of the Billboard Hot 100. “Slippery”, “Get Right Witcha”, “Slide”, “Motor Sport” and “Fight Night” are among them.

Maybe it’s not possible to measure the significance and influence of these three characters; however, the Atlanta trappers have transcended hip-hop and they’ve become fashion style icons.

Their second number ONE hit song! The Trap Music scene

Migos Trap HipHop Group Quavo Offset Takeoff
In 2013, the world heard of their music and started following their songs. This year, the song “Versace” was a chart-topping hit and started being in high demand as a group. They have tried as solo artists with projects that seemed to do well, but the way they complement each other makes them shine.

Quavo for the melodies with the best voice, Offset has the best rhyme and Takeoff raps with a huge flow and so fast that his fans consider his style just insane. After being in jail, 2017 seemed to be the dawn of a new day for them. Migos had an amazing year in 2017 and the numbers back this up. Their album Culture went platinum. The reason? The number one single “Bad & Boujee” that dethroned the famous “Shape of you” and took the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100. Trap Music scene can’t be better represented. The members of Migos are full of versatility, variety and flow.

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