Listen to the best hip hop beats and instrumentals on the internet

High-End Audio Quality

More than eight years making music and beats that brings you the best quality out there. High-End Audio Quality with the sound you NEED to get that record deal.

Biggest Beats Catalog

From Samba to Trap Music, EDM, Dubstep, Old School, Nineties sound… No matter what or where, it will sound exactly as it should sound. No clipping, no peaking.

Complete Sound Design

Tired of hearing the same premade ”loops” and samples used by almost 99% producers out there? We design every sound and every melody by scratch, for you.

Your Best Career Investment

Those hip hop beats sound major, they’ll act like a magnet if you’re aiming to increase your fan-base and sales. If you’re down to take the leap then go for it.

Trusted by Artists and Producers

We’re already mixing and mastering the hip hop beats of your favorite producers, the same beats that then they sell online. We got their mojo sound and we got their trust.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We do all of this for you. More than two thousand clients satisfied all around the world, from the United States to Canada, Spain, Germany, Canada, Rusia, etc…

Artist Tracking & Feedback

We love our friends and connections and we’re used to listen every song recorded over our music to give you the major feedback needed to continue developing your sound.

No Copy & Paste Sound

Although we got their mojo sound we got our own dojo. We can sound as your favorite producers but we only sound like us. Something fresh, and new.

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