Mongrel · 2Pac Instrumental

Mongrel · 2Pac Instrumental

Have you ever wondered how will sound the nineties 2Pac instrumental style mixed with 8bit music / chiptune music? Well, the experiment has been completed successfully.

Sounds Like:

Old School / 8BIT Instrumental
Old School, Nineties, HipHop, 8BIT, Chiptune, Real Rap Shit, 2Pac, Tupac Shakur, Makaveli
More information about the instrumental

It’s hard as hell to mix two strictly different styles in a single one, but although the instrumental introduction could sound a bit weird you’ll start moving your head quickly. The instrumental reminds me some 2Pac instrumental recorded songs, I mean, not the style obviously but the mood is really similar to his track ‘Gotta keep ya head up’. Call me crazy but that’s the song I remember when I listen to this instrumental.

The title of the instrumental fits like a glove on the hand because it’s a mix of two strictly different genres, so it’s a mongrel instrumental lol. It has a completely dope variety of elements from both genres, such as a main chiptune lead and a wobbled bass on some certain parts of the instrumental… All of this without forgetting the nineties horns and handmade drum chops from different drumbreaks. I can’t talk objectively but the result is amazing.

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