27 10, 2014

STFU · Dirty South Instrumental

STFU means shut the fuck up. Energetic Dirty South Composed Instrumental. Just listen and shut up bruh. Sounds Like: Guess a name? Genre: Dirty South / Experimental Instrumental Tags: STFU, Shut, The, Fuck, Up, Shut the fuck up, Dirty South, [...]

10 01, 2014

Born to be · New School Instrumental

Brand new 'new school' instrumental with powerful vibes and hard drums. Different new school synth patterns and melodic lines fills the beat completely. Sounds Like: Rick Ross / Waka Flocka Flame Genre: Dirty South / New School Instrumental Tags: Dirty [...]

17 12, 2013

I like huge boobs · Club Instrumental

Do you also like huge boobs? No? smfh... Then here's a club instrumental that will help you to overcome your boobfear. Sounds Like: Tyga / Rick Ross Genre: Dirty South / Club Instrumental Tags: Dirty South, Club, I like huge [...]

10 09, 2013

Pulsa Denura · BASS Music Instrumental

Strong and hard old records Wiz Khalifa type beat. With a crazy bass music line / piano melody and some glides and glitches at the bass. Check it out! Sounds Like: Wiz Khalifa Genre: Dirty South / BASS Music Instrumental [...]