29 11, 2014

Bugfix · Dubstep Instrumental

Dubstep instrumental with a lot of weird dubstep sounds and glitches. I'm not able to define this genre, it could be Glitch Hop, 8BIT, Dubstep... Grab the free download! Sounds Like: Me Genre: Dubstep / Glitch Instrumental Tags: Weird, Glitches, [...]

16 09, 2014

Bass wizards · Dope DOD Instrumental

Brand new dubstep DOPE SHIT and bass abuse. With dubstep wobbles, snares and drums. Sounds like 'Dope DOD - What happened' track. Sounds Like: Dope DOD Genre: Dubstep / Downtempo Instrumental Tags: Brand new, Dope, Dope DOD, Shit, Bass, Abuse, [...]

7 07, 2014

Low money · Trap Music Dubstep Instrumental

If you like 808's you will like 'Low Money'. Trap Music with Dubstep growls and hard-catchy massive leads and synths. It's EDM Trap Music or it's just a dubstep beat? Judge yourself! Sounds Like: Optimus Prime Ft. Major Lazer Genre: [...]

28 06, 2014

Bruh · Hardcore Dubstep Instrumental

Hardcore dubstep bass instrumental. The instrumental has heavy drums and also hardcore dubstep leads, synths and growls. Enjoy! Sounds Like: Dope D.O.D. Genre: Dubstep / Hardcore Instrumental Tags: Hardcore Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Bass, EDM, Instrumental, Dope, D.O.D. [line] [box style="2"] ➜ [...]

4 05, 2014

Busted · Hardcore Dubstep Instrumental

Hardcore dubstep instrumental with some sounds of the EDM Bass / Dubstep scene and sound glitches. Heavy and filthy as fuck. Sounds Like: Me Genre: Hardcore / Dubstep Instrumental Tags: Hardcore Dubstep, Hardcore, Dubstep, EDM, Bass, Instrumental, UK [line] [box [...]