27 10, 2014

STFU · Dirty South Instrumental

STFU means shut the fuck up. Energetic Dirty South Composed Instrumental. Just listen and shut up bruh. Sounds Like: Guess a name? Genre: Dirty South / Experimental Instrumental Tags: STFU, Shut, The, Fuck, Up, Shut the fuck up, Dirty South, [...]

26 09, 2014

Basscientist · Trap Music Instrumental

Experimental Trap Music instrumental. With the craziest 808s and weird sounds and glitches. Abusing 808s since 1986 bruh. Sounds Like: Fatman Scoop Genre: Trap Music / Experimental Instrumental Tags: Fatman, Scoop, Southside, Trap, Music, Experimental, 808, 808s, Trap Music, Weird [...]