31 05, 2015

We Dem Boyz · Wiz Khalifa Instrumental

Hol up! We dem boyz! Brand new Wiz Khalifa type instrumental pretty similar to his latest track 'We Dem Boyz', listen below! Sounds Like: Wiz Khalifa Genre: Trap Music / Gangsta Instrumental Tags: Wiz Khalifa, We Dem Boyz, Wiz, Khalifa, [...]

10 04, 2015

Masterly · Lil Wayne Instrumental

This isn't just another beat in the Lil Wayne Instrumental style or any other type beat. This dude (also known as Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.) would kill this one and the instrumental will stand out over the whole track. Enjoy! [...]

8 08, 2013

trapg0d · Trap Gucci Mane Instrumental

Hard Knocks Gucci Mane 808s! Dark vibes and melodic ambient. Def I am the Trap God and now you know it. Check back soon for more bruh. Sounds Like: Gucci Mane Genre: Trap Music / Gangsta Instrumental Tags: Hard 808s, [...]

31 07, 2013

Ghosting · Lil Wayne Instrumental

Dark melodic vibes and a hard crushy 808 bassline. If you like 808s and Lil Wayne stuff then this instrumental is for you. Bump that shit! Sounds Like: Lil Wayne Genre: Trap Music / Gangsta Instrumental Tags: Creepy, Instrumental, Bass, [...]

13 07, 2013

Deepthroat · Gangsta Instrumental

Nothing but a club banga with a sampled woman orgasm at the main melody and a police hooter at the background. Certified gangsta instrumental. Just a HIT bruh. Sounds Like: Lil Wayne Genre: Club / Gangsta Instrumental Tags: Club, Gangsta, [...]