28 06, 2014

Bruh · Hardcore Dubstep Instrumental

Hardcore dubstep bass instrumental. The instrumental has heavy drums and also hardcore dubstep leads, synths and growls. Enjoy! Sounds Like: Dope D.O.D. Genre: Dubstep / Hardcore Instrumental Tags: Hardcore Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Bass, EDM, Instrumental, Dope, D.O.D. [line] [box style="2"] ➜ [...]

4 05, 2014

Busted · Hardcore Dubstep Instrumental

Hardcore dubstep instrumental with some sounds of the EDM Bass / Dubstep scene and sound glitches. Heavy and filthy as fuck. Sounds Like: Me Genre: Hardcore / Dubstep Instrumental Tags: Hardcore Dubstep, Hardcore, Dubstep, EDM, Bass, Instrumental, UK [line] [box [...]

9 11, 2012

Manteca · Hardcore HipHop Instrumental

Do you know what MANTECA means? Butter, pure fat, at least that is what it means in spanish. Enjoy the manteca below. Sounds Like: Me Genre: Electronic / Hardcore HipHopInstrumental Tags: Manteca, Butter, Mantequilla, Pure Fat, Wiehgt loss bruh, The [...]