16 11, 2014

Cold fusion · Classic HipHop Instrumental

Instant classic hiphop sample based with 90s flavour. Like some DJ Premier's old instrumentals. This classic hiphop beat talks itself, nuff said. Sounds Like: Evidence / Roc Marciano Genre: Classic HipHop / Nineties Instrumental Tags: Evidence, Roc Marciano, 90s, flavour, [...]

13 11, 2014

Sideline haters · Nineties HipHop Instrumental

Nineties smeelling classic hiphop instrumental. Chopped drumbreak and harcore chopped samples. Are you able to recognize the original one? Sounds Like: Vinnie Paz / Rakim Genre: Classic / Nineties Instrumental Tags: Nineties, 90s, Rakim, Drumbreak, Vinnie Paz, Classic, HipHop, Instrumental, [...]

2 11, 2013

Eesy · Nineties Sampled Instrumental

Nineties sample-based 90s smelling instrumental. In the style of Mr. Lamar and so many others. Chopped drums and chopped samples. Sounds Like: Kendrick Lamar / Torae Genre: Nineties / 90S Instrumental Tags: Eesy, Easy, Nineties, 90s HipHop, 90s Beats, 90s, [...]

22 07, 2013

Glide it up · Cheap Instrumental

Old-school funk killer chopped in a different way. No drumbreaks used in the whole instrumental, just sample based Cheap Instrumental. Sounds Like: Alchemist Genre: Old School / Nineties Instrumental Tags: Glide it up, Old School, Chopped, Drumbreaks, Sample based, Cheap [...]

13 12, 2012

Mongrel · 2Pac Instrumental

Have you ever wondered how will sound the nineties 2Pac instrumental style mixed with 8bit music / chiptune music? Well, the experiment has been completed successfully. Sounds Like: 2Pac Genre: Old School / 8BIT Instrumental Tags: Old School, Nineties, HipHop, [...]