1 01, 2015

Falcon 9 · Piano Instrumental

This is Falcon 9, and it's not just another grand piano beat with corny chords. This one merges pianos, orchestral chords of violins, violas and orchestral percussions with EDM Trap Music. Sounds Like: Kid Cudi Genre: Trap Music / Piano [...]

31 08, 2014

C u l8r · Pop Instrumental

Smooth Dance / Pop Instrumental. The Pop instrumental has a Dubstep part in the middle. And also so many catchy strings and melodies. Sounds Like: Lady Gaga Genre: Dance / Pop Instrumental Tags: Dance, Pop, Lady, Gaga, Lady Gaga, Dubstep, [...]

17 08, 2013

Runaways · R&B Drake Instrumental

Smooth Drake Instrumental type beat. The beat fits perfectly in the Drake style and has elements of both genres at the same time (pop / r&b). Sounds Like: Drake Genre: Pop / R&B Instrumental Tags: Drake Instrumental, Drake type beat, [...]