Bass wizards · Dope DOD Instrumental

Bass wizards · Dope DOD Instrumental

Brand new dubstep DOPE SHIT and bass abuse. With dubstep wobbles, snares and drums. Sounds like ‘Dope DOD – What happened’ track.

Sounds Like:
Dope DOD

Dubstep / Downtempo Instrumental
Brand new, Dope, Dope DOD, Shit, Bass, Abuse, Dubstep, Wobbles, Snares
More information about the instrumental

If you have to name a track by Dope DOD I’m sure that you will talk about their ‘What happened‘ track, but Dope DOD have several different tracks in the same mood / style. This one fits perfectly in what they’re doing right now, mixing HipHop with Dubstep leads and the usual and distorted Dubstep basslines. By the way this track is not that similar to their ‘What happened’ video, it’s an original instrumental made inspired on what they do.

I personally think that their looking is a bit weird, but their music is enough good to don’t care about it, they always know how to choose the right instrumentals to spit over. I’m not sure about the process Dope DOD use to make a track, but I’m pretty sure (or at least I feel) that they usually first make the lyrics and then produce over them, not in the usual way rappers do their tracks nowadays. Feel free to leave your thoughts below and enjoy the track!

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Bass wizards · Dubstep Instrumental (Free Download)

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