Love & Pain · Love Song Instrumental

Love & Pain · Love Song Instrumental

Smooth and Lovely instrumental with live electric guitars. Perfect for a love song. This romantic hiphop instrumental has hard drums and not sampled piano solos. Enjoy the free download bruh! (Featuring Shine Beats)

Sounds Like:
Mayne / Cassie

Smooth / R&B Instrumental
Mayne, Cassie, Electric Guitars, Hard Drums, Piano, Piano Solos, R&B
More information about the instrumental

Well, I have to say something before. This instrumental has been produced and composed by scratch by me and Shine Beats (what a dope ass producer, you better check what he does). If you like love song and romantic instrumentals then this one is all what you need. You’ll not find any other instrumental produced in the same way, we’ve not used ANY piano sample to ensure that you’ll not have any problem syncing and / or licensing this romantic instrumental. In addition you’ll not find any other instrumental that will able you to spit over about a love story without sounding embarrassing so go ahead and pick it up.

Producers usually got several instrumentals to choose from, but if I had to choose just 5 of my best instrumentals then this one would be on that list. This is one of that things you do that after a few months you got an special affection to it… So if you’re down to use this love & pain instrumental you better kill it and make a dope ass track.

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Love & Pain (Ft. Shine Beats) - Free Download

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Love song Instrumental - Love & Pain (Free Download)

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