8BIT Beats and Instrumentals

Also known as Chiptune music, and strictly related with the OST of old videogames like Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog, Zelda and many more. It may be electronic music synthesized by old computers using specific synths / VSTS and even Game Boys. I met a dude at Twitter that was making really dope 8BIT music with just a Nintendo Game Boy and its sound engine… It was really amazing at the time I realized how that was working. I’m a big fan of 8BIT music and if you’ve end up here I’m sure you’re also too.

If you don’t really know how would you use those those 8BIT Instrumentals just try to spit over the beat as is. They’re really catchy to anyone ears since it’s not what everyone is used to make a song over, but there are plenty examples such as ”Como Mario” from the artist Akapellah and also in the ”Game Over” remix track from Lil’ Flip, which features Bun B and Young Buck. There are way more examples than the listen above but there’s no way to list them all so here are the ones that I enjoyed the most, but in most cases the results are kinda amazing and really catchy.

Making music with 8BIT Beats and Instrumentals

You may think that this kind of music, beats and instrumentals may better fit in videogames and movies like some old OSTs from Nintendo, SEGA, Atari… But the fact is exactly the opposite! they get mixed with Hip Hop Music in a very great way. I mean, they usually sound dope and I’m sure you’ll remember and whistle the main melody for weeks so… Feel free to check out my 8BIT Beats and Instrumentals catalog and get them out before they were exclusively sold. I’m not used to make that kind of music all-day all-night so you better hurry, first come first served!

Minecraft Beats – Creeper YouTube Song – Creepers Gonna Creep

8BIT Experimental Hip Hop Videogame
Tssss... Tssss... Chschs... Boom! They're kinda... Destructive. Creepers are an adorable character of Minecraft. Enjoy this Minecraft Song that was made inspired by the Minecraft game and all his characters and don't forget to grab the free download before it's gone!