Creepy Beats and Instrumentals

Creepy beats and instrumentals could be also catalogued as Horrorcore beats, but not sounding in the same way. To make a creepy beat you have to play with horror movie OST scales and melodies to make it scary. Personally I love to make that kind of beats, a lot of those beats would fit perfectly with $uicideboy$, GHOSTEMANE, etc…

GHOSTEMANE Type Beat – Dark Electronic Trap Beat – Dibbuk

Creepy Dark Hardcore Trap
This GHOSTEMANE Type Beat is one of the darkest trap beats you'll ever heard. Its name Dibbuk has a close relation with something... Bad. Check the description below to find out what's that bad thing inside that Dark Trap Instrumental...

Stranger Things Trap Beat – Stranger Things Trap Instrumental Remake

Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
If you love Stranger Things as much as we do then you'll literally fall in love with our Stranger Things Trap Remake. One of our best beats out there, period. There are no samples used on this beat, it was all played by ear and by scratch inspired in the original OST.

Travis Scott Instrumental – Free Trap Type Beat – Graveyard Shift

Creepy Dark Spooky Trap
If you're looking for a weird beat like Travis Scott is used to rap over then we got what you're looking for. This Graveyard Shift instrumental will make you feel as creepy as the beat is. I'm 100% sure that you can hear to Travis Scott along the whole beat. Grab the free download before it's gone!

Lil Uzi Vert Instrumental – Lil Uzi Trap Beat Download – Moon Rocks

Creepy Filthy Spooky Trap
You may don't know what 'Moon Rocks' are made of (or yes), but I'm sure that Lil Uzi Vert will like them both, that filthy trap beat and the Moon Rocks. This is one of the best Lil Uzi Vert Instrumental you'll ever heard out there in the internet, we got the beats, you got the cheese.

Future Trap Instrumental – Future Trap Type Beat – Blood N Bones

Creepy Dark Dirty South Trap
That Future trap instrumental sounds like if it appeared in 'Streetz Calling' back in 2011, when Future signed with Epic Records. He told to MTV that 'Streetz Calling' would be his latest release until 'Pluto' were released but then suddenly he released 'Astronaut Status', which was a dope Future mixtape.