Glitch-Hop Beats and Instrumentals

You may not like it, but Glitch Hop is dope. It’s a fusion between Dubstep, Sampled Hip Hop Beats and EDM. There are a lot of amazing artists in that genre that makes the dopest music out there. Artists such as The Glitch Mob, edIT, Bassnectar and even Flying Lotus are used to get involved in the Glitch Hop scene creating dope glitch hop beats. Listen below.

Glitch Hop Dubstep Type Beat – Glitch Hop Instrumental – Monoxide (SOLD)

Dubstep Electronic Experimental Glitch-Hop
Get this awesome Glitch Hop Dubstep Type Beat, an experimental electronic instrumental inspired by the music of the best Glitch Hop artists such as The Glitch Mob, Bassnectar, Prefuse 73 and many more. Perfect if you want to make a track with an experimental electronic instrumental.