How to purchase via PayPal without a PayPal account

Purchase via PayPal without PayPal account

Purchase goods via PayPal without a PayPal account it’s really easy, you just have to locate at the PayPal payment page and form a label with the text “Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later“, then you just have to enter your debit / credit card and proceed with the purchase like demo the image at the left.

Why I should use PayPal for online purchases?

Well, if you purchase via PayPal it has a free ‘Buyer Protection’ security program, so you would never be scammed or cheated by buying using PayPal. The good news are that you don’t have to already have a created, linked and registered PayPal account to take advantage of this ‘Buyer Protection’ program.

How to make payments without PayPal

And how it works?

All the transactions using PayPal are secure, encrypted and safe for you and the legit seller so it’s always a win/win. After enter your debit / credit card details you just have to click on “Pay Now” like the second image at the left and PayPal will take care of everything for you! It’s safe, fast and the best choice!

Where I could find some more information about the ‘Buyer Protection’ program?

Here’s a link directly from PayPal that will let you know everything you should know about it, take a look.

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