6ix9ine X Nicki Minaj Type Beat – Club Trap Beats – Room 808

  • 6ix9ine X Nicki Minaj Type Beat Room 808 Club Trap Beat

Room 808 instrumental

   Room 808

6ix9ine X Nicki Minaj Club Electronic Filthy

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6ix9ine X Nicki Minaj - Room 808 Instrumental (Club, Electronic, Filthy, Trap Beat)

The collab that 6ix9ine did with Nicki Minaj in FEFE ended up being one of the greatest trap songs of the whole 2018. You may wonder what could happen if one of those Tekashi X Nicki Type Beatss end up in your hands. Get this one Tekashi X Nicki Type Beat right now!

About this 6ix9ine X Nicki Minaj Type Beat

FEFE is one of the best tracks of this 2018, and I'm sure that a lot of that success is because of the Murda Beatz production on the track. Nicki Minaj did an awesome performance on the video along with 6ix9ine Tekashi, and the lyrics are crazy as usual coming from those two talented artists. If we talking about Nicki Minaj we talking about club music, and you're right, club music is made with club beats. Those beats we're specially popular back in the 2012 / 2013 when Nicki Minaj started using that kind of productions. They were weird beats, and the usual and average listener wasn't used to listen them, so they were really catchy at that time.

6ix9ine is another legend in the game, I thought that he wouldn't be able to perform on that kind of beats as well as he's performing with fast trap beats... But I was wrong. We've seen that Tekashi is able to spit over slow, fast, trap, and club beats so far, and pretty well so kudos for him. Lately we've seen him singing even in reggaeton tracks along with Anuel AA so we taling about a TRUE artist. Not a true one, a TRUE. I'd like to see how is he doing in EDMish beats, but sadly I think that's really far from his goals, at least at this moment.

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