Mesmerize instrumental


Aggressive Hardcore Rap Dubstep Electronic Glitch-Hop

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Aggressive Hardcore Rap - Mesmerize Instrumental (Dubstep, Electronic, Glitch-Hop, Hardcore Beat)

Watch out for this really hardcore hip hop instrumental, it's one of the most aggressive rap beats you'll ever listen to. I told you that.

About this Aggressive Hardcore Rap Type Beat

Like I told you in the introduction, that's one of the hardest beats I ever made. I'm sure that its pig-yelling bass will make you get goosebumps. It's one of the best basses I ever created for that kind of hardcore beats, if not the best one. The drums of that instrumental may sound mismatching, but they're perfectly adjusted to sound as they should. I titled this beat "Mesmerize" since I remember I was dealing with the flu at that time. The feeling was kinda mesmerizing, so I had to put it out as is. I'm sure you've never heard something like this aggresive hip hop beat before.

That beat is perfect for any kind of aggresive hip hop tracks. If you like the 2000s sound but merged with current and trendy sounds then that beat was made for you. Hard knocking basses, aggresive leads sounding all along the instrumental, and an almost mismatching hard-kicking drum pattern with the drums out there. You may think man that dude is talking about that beat like if it were the best instrumental out there. And... Honestly, it could be, at least in its genre as an aggresive / hardcore rap instrumental. Take a quick listen and you'll realize what I'm talking about.

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Dubstep Electronic Glitch-Hop Hardcore

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