BeyoncĂ© Instrumental – Innatural (SOLD)

BeyoncĂ© Instrumental – Innatural (SOLD)

R&B Beyoncé instrumental type beat. Smooth and love feeling perfect for a love song. Like some of the bests Beyoncé hits like 'Halo' and 'Crazy In Love'. Grab the free download before it were sold fam.. Grab the free download before it were sold fam.

Sounds Like: Beyoncé

Genre: Smooth / R&B Instrumental
Instrumental Tags: Beyoncé, Smooth, Love, Feeling, In Love, Love Song, Beyoncé Type Beat
Innatural - Smooth R&B Instrumental (Free Download) More information about this "Beyoncé Type Beat"

What a dope Beyoncé type beat with an RNB and Smooth feeling. If you like love songs without that corny mood and piano along the whole instrumental then this one is for you. I feel this one in the way of some early Beyoncé RNB tracks, like her 'Crazy In Love' track and also maybe her track 'Halo', both of them are fire I think, but it's just my opinion, so judge yourself, not all her tracks are in the same mood and style, that would be boring and I'm 100% sure that that's not what Beyoncé is aiming for.

Although this Beyoncé instrumental type beat is full made of synths without samples you'll not find it as a problem to sing or spit some bars over it. I mean it's 100% original composition without samples so you'll not have any problem licensing it because you don't have to care about sample clearing or something like. Anyway this instrumental is not in that 'Partition' mood so you should not feel embarrassed to use it.

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The "Innatural" instrumental has been exclusively sold for $299.95 USD.
The beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase.

Anyway, you may be interested in Starship, which is a pretty similar beat.

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