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DJ Khaled Anthem Anthem Dirty South Hip Hop

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DJ Khaled Anthem - Team Air Instrumental (Anthem, Dirty South, Hip Hop, Trap Beat)

Listen to this awesome DJ Khaled Anthem Type Beat that could've been produced by The Runners producers team and used by Birdman. That's a brand new beat, but with that old Trap and Dirty South vibe that everyone loved back in 2012 / 2013.

About this DJ Khaled Anthem Type Beat

If we talking about The Runners we talking about MAJOR beats and instrumentals. They were a huge inspiration for me years ago and they inspired me to make some influenced Type Beats. Their productions were simply awesome, always, they never missed a drop, or a beat or even the structure. At that time I were a big fan of that producers team, I just wanted to recreate their sound but was almost impossible with the available plugins years ago. They collaborated with big artists and legends such as DJ Khaled, Birdman, Rihanna, Ace Hood... Their productions and placements are all awesome and major, I still would like to know their net worth, because it seems that's big enough.

Team Air is an instrumental that I love a lot, first because everything is composed by scratch, there are no samples on there. Secondly because at that time it was like a goal, I just wanted to be able to create a The Runners Type Beat, and finally got it... But also because it's one of my favorite beats, you know. If you ever met a producer you'll know that we have beats that are like our babies, and beats that we don't even like. Usually the most sold beats are the ones that we don't even like, and the instrumentals that are performing worse if we talking about money are the same we like the most. That's kinda crazy but the industry is what it is... Peace out family!

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Anthem Dirty South Hip Hop Trap

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