Refuse – Drake Instrumental (SOLD)

Refuse – Drake Instrumental (SOLD)

Lonely R&B instrumental without the usual corny and shameful chords you're used to listen in that kind of beats, some major shit.

Sounds Like: Drake

Genre: R&B / Chillin Instrumental
Instrumental Tags: Refuse, Music Box, Electric Guitar, Darling, R&B, Rhythm and blues, 808
Refuse - R&B Chillin Instrumental (Free Download) More information about this "Drake Type Beat"

Listen to the electric guitar riff and think about how it could sound better. You can't, it sounds almost perfect. The worst is that 'the guitar' isn't a guitar really and that's the whole point, it's just a NI Massive lead made by me that converts the whole beat in a banger that could be killed perfectly by Drake, I heard some Drake Instrumentals that sound is the same way.

I called this beat Refuse because it doesn't sound like an usual and 'romantic' instrumental, it has that vibe that is speaking clear about an history, sad or not, but an history at all. You can't imagine someone spitting corny things all over the beat because it wasn't made for this and with just a quick listen you can realize that. Hope you like this one bro!

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The "Refuse" instrumental has been exclusively sold for $799.95 USD.
The beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase.

Anyway, you may be interested in OOVOO, which is a pretty similar beat.

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