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Nineties Hip Hop Beat – Sampled Old School Instrumental – h8rs

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Old School Hip Hop - h8rs Instrumental (Boombap, Nineties, Old School, Sampled Beat)

Check out and download this amazing Nineties Hip Hop Beat, it sounds like all those Sampled Old School instrumentals from the Hip Hop golden age.

About this Old School Hip Hop Type Beat

I love Old School beats, I do f*cking love Old School beats and the instrumentals with a Nineties sound, in fact, in Spain maybe at 2015 or even 2016 that sound was trending in the spanish Hip Hop scene. It was useful for some people to get known but sadly they were overriden by the -emerging at this moment- trap scene. Some of them still stay strong there but a bunch of them were basically forgotten. I was used to love the beats that were created at that time by some producers, but everyone's riding 808's now... Which is kinda weird, some artists went from the nineties to trap trend and I was like... Dude, you were talking about sounding pure and underground like 1 year ago right? The scene here is crazy. But we'll talk about that in a post in soon because there's A LOT to talk about.

Anyway, I'm sure that you'll love this Old School Instrumental because it sounds (or at least it has a nineties flavor) like some of the beats and instrumentals that were produced in the Nineties, or maybe in the early nineties, before that 2000 Hip Hop sound that came up with Eminem and Dr. Dre that almost flooded the radio with the ''The Slim Shady LP''. I was used to love that sound, concretely I started listening to Hip Hop / Rap music when that sound started trending. Listening to Eminem, Vico C and a lot of more names that I enjoyed a lot at that moment.

This old school beat doesn't even have a complex melody like I'm used to produce or sample from, it's just a weird ass sampled tone from a cellphone and a bass line with a swinged broken drum pattern. Yeah, it's a swinged broken drum patternm because it has a lot of swing (ha! uh!) and a bunch of complex drum elements that make the drum pattern sound weird and broke but also without losing the tempo making artists able to record over this Old School Beat. Like it or not, but I love this beat. Beware the weird ass introduction!

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