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Rock Hip Hop Instrumental – Rock Rap Type Beat – Not The Same

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Rock Instrumental - Not The Same Instrumental (Hip Hop, Piano, Rock Beat)

Pay attention to the live electric guitars of this Rock instrumental. Smooth and happy vibes and melodies. Perfect to listen while you smoke some joints.

About this Rock Instrumental Type Beat

Everyone knows that hiphop instrumentals get merged perfectly with rock music elements. Who haven't heard yet an instrumental with a guitar solo or a guitar riff even in in the hook? This rock instrumental has an unbelievable and amazing happy mood, that kind of mood that rarely come up and that appears only when you're massively inspired by something. I'm sure that everyone that makes music will know that, the 99% of your music could be great, but when the music comes directly from your soul things get done in a strictly different way.

If you like rock music or even if you would like to try to get your music into different genres like by using a rock instrumental, rock metal or whatever then this "Not The Same" beat would do the trick perfectly, it has been made exactly for that and that's why this rock instrumental with a happy mood is titled as "Not The Same"... Because it's not the same to rap on a trap beat or a classic Hip Hop Beat instead of rapping on a rap metal beat as is. Things can come in a strictly different way.

The live guitar riff has been also composed by me, it has some bending and distortion plugins to make it sounding in the great way but it has been composed. So you will not have to worry about samples clearance or something like. This is that kind of rock instrumental that sounds great even without voices over it, if you're sure that you can kill this beat and get also inspired by his mood then feel free to record your track and leave the link of the song and your thoughts over the comments section. Peace out family!

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Electric guitar    Happiness    Happy    Hip Hop    HipHop    Joints    Rock    Rock Instrumental    Rock Instrumental Type Beat    Rock Type Beat   

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