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Usher - Liar Instrumental (Emotional, Romantic Beat)

Awesome Romantic Hip Hop Beat made for your needs. If you're in love then you definitely need this Love Instrumental for your next album or mixtape. Download this beat and get the free download before it's gone!

About this Usher Type Beat

Have you ever fall in love? If yes, you'll understand how hard is to retain that kind of feeling in the time to time. Sometimes we get inspired, sometimes we don't, that's why that romantic hip hop instrumental exists in this website, because someone inspired us to create and produce that kind of instrumental. You'll hear a lot of feelings in this beat, from love to deception. Even sad feelings can be heard in this Love Instrumental. We're sure that this one will inspire you as well as we were to produce that beat, if you're looking for that kind of sad beats for your up and coming studio album or project then it'll perfectly it your needs.

If you don't believe me then start writing right now while you listen to this romantic hip hop instrumental and you'll get it. I know how it works and I'm sure you're writing one of your best songs and the best stuff you did from far. What if you're just a click away from creating the best love song of this year? Go grab the free download and start writing, get the best emotional beat out there to make the best romantic love song of your whole life. To inspire other people you need to get inspired first and Liar will do its job crearly done. If you like romantic hip hop beats then you're in the right place.

This emotional rap beat is a radio ready romantic hip hop beat to get that radio airplay you're looking for. Professional sound, professionally mixed and professionally composed to make your next song sound exactly in the way you're looking for. R&B stuff with live electric guitars along the whole instrumental, without samples and royalty free. Go get that microphone, start recording your next track with that amazing romantic rap beat and attract that person you lost. Get him back by writing a love song that will be loved by everyone. Don't forget to send me the result song if you write something really good, maybe we could give that song a push!

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