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Skepta Grime Instrumental – Dead Kings

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Dead Kings introduction

Skepta Grime Instrumental with hard Trap Music drums, strong stereo basslines (that's true, and they sound good) and a little feeling to the new music Skepta's doing. If you like UK Grime then Dead Kings is your today's beat. Grab the free download before it's gone!

About this Skepta Type Beat

You may think this Skepta Grime Instrumnetal couldn't be an instrumental used by Skepta in the real life BUT... I have to say that he's always researching for new sounds and producers and I'm sure that if he listens to this beat he would like to kill it. Somehow he inspired me to make this Grime Beat I'm sure he'll like it, even more with that hard kocking stereo bassline (which was really hard to mix and EQ).

Skepta is the dude of the Grime music, and everybody knows that (or at least should know that). He make the genre trending (like Skrillex did with the Dubstep back in 2010). Some of his tracks like 'Hypocrisy' or 'No Security (Halloween Sound)' are pure fire. Take a look to them in the previous links and you'll agree with me. The bad point of grime music is that almost any producer is into the trap game, but I'm sure that Grime Music is the next big thing. Get the free download of this Skepta Grime Instrumental.

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