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Stranger Kids instrumental

   Stranger Kids

Stranger Things Creepy Dark Spooky

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Stranger Things - Stranger Kids Instrumental (Creepy, Dark, Spooky, Trap Beat)

If you love Stranger Things as much as we do then you'll literally fall in love with our Stranger Things Trap Remake. One of our best beats out there, period. There are no samples used on this beat, it was all played by ear and by scratch inspired in the original OST.

About this Stranger Things Type Beat

Yes, you've read it and it's completely true. We haven't used samples on this Stranger Things Trap Beat remake. We've been inspired by the stars, the Demogorgon and Eleven, which in that case is carrying a doublecup, a brick of bucks and super shiny gold chain. No doubt Eleven is in the trap game, at least she look like she's in the trap game, like all these new bad boys flexin' on YouTube...

But anyway, beyond that trap game thing there's an AMAZING TV science fiction-horror web television series (that's how it's named on Wikipedia so I'm ok with that) that's really a must watch. Not only because of Winona Ryder (you'll get it if you're an 80s dude), it's also because of the continuous ambient generated by Stranger Things along with the whole two seasons available... Not to talk about the Upside Down atmosphere. In just a few words, go get that Netflix membership and watch this jewel.

Note: We've modified the tone of a single note from the main melody of that beat to make sure it's not the exact same composition as in Stranger Things OST. It may sound similar but that note from the main melody is in the same harmony so... Unless you have a god level ear you'll hardly notice the changes. We even changed the overall harmony to make sure they aren't in the same scale. That means that if the original composition is c-e-g-b-c-b-g-e-c our composition is d-g-b-d-e-d-b-g-d. It's not only a pair of tones up or down, the first note also changed to a different one that doesn't match the Stranger Things OST.

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Creepy Dark Spooky Trap

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