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The Weeknd Instrumental – Sorry Not Sorry (SOLD)

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Sorry Not Sorry was exclusively sold

This beat is no longer available for any kind of licensing or purchase, anyway, you may be interested in Bossanova Crackdown , which is a pretty similar beat.

Sorry Not Sorry introduction

Listen to that awesome ''The Weeknd Instrumental inspired in the known track ''The Hills'' from the artist. The build of this instrumental up is kinda amazing, grab the free download before it's too late.

About this The Weeknd Type Beat

Honestly I discovered ''The Weeknd'' like a lot of people, and it was when I listened to his track ''The Hills''. You may think 'well, I was listening to The Weeknd way before he was known' but I think that doesn't matter to appreciate the craft of an artists, even more particularly regarding this one, which is able to change his style from song to song (no disrespect in that).

Anyway, I were inspired a lot by The Hills from The Weeknd instrumental, and when I say a lot it means a f**king lot. I remember I was with the song in loop for like a month or so, I even installed the ringtone in my iPhone so we could say that I was partially obsessed with the track. Tried to recreate instrumentals like The Hills several times with no luck, but this one was the ones that I really like how it sounded so here it is.

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