In 2013, one of the most famous mcs and well-known hit the 10th CD when he was 30. We are talking about Lil Wayne and his CD’s name is I Am Not A Human Being II.

Actually, maybe we need to make him a favour for his style, awful tattoos covering his body, jeans low as fuck and big mouth with mary all the time.

Over all his attituded and soul makes him special and remember a great voice will be useless without a message. Lil Wayne has a message to tell and a critical view of the world.
Furthermore, we need to talk about how he tell his lyrics. The biggest theme in this CD are sex and drugs. One indication is that he uses loads of tabu words. For example, the word bitch appears more than 150 times during the album (actually, yes). The producer tells us that the main theme are allegories of american struggles in the past like murders, war… On a first view, maybe we can’t see the power of the real meaning of the lyrics. Lil Wayne expect from us to think properly and meditate about his lyrics secret message. However, if we don’t look for the message, this album can be good for a disco or drinking alone in the dark for fun.

One song from his CD that is very popular is called god bless amerika. What can I say about this piece of art. Maybe we need to clarify what is art. Art is something that makes us thing or feel something that the author wants to tell.

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Lil Wayne God Bless Amerika

Lil Wayne I Am Not a Human Being II Live Show Salute

The truth ia that the first time I listened to this song, god bless amerika, I pretended to make a bad review of this CD but I gave him a second opportunity, I listened again and I felt angry with myself for not being able to see the simple message of this mc: your soul, USA, is dead, you need to change. This song is a shout of a desesperated human who has lived bad struggled and he needs a change, he thinks he deserves it. One methafore in this song is: The flag’s stars don’t shine now express his feelings in a simple sentence.

The only mistakes I see are that this album is not for kids for the tabu words used and the secret message that makes us think. The other mistake (although it just depends of the consumer) is the excess use of autotune in his voice. From my point of view, he doesn’t need it because he has a great voice.

To be honest he has not the 2Pac‘s level, but which is in his level…

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