The lab dump | FL Studio DrumKit & Instruments

The lab dump | FL Studio DrumKit & Instruments

The latest drumkit from Surce Beats with self made 16 kicks, 9 snares and claps, 8 audio effects, 7 chants, 15 soundfonts instruments and some samples and drum breaks, enjoy!

You will find some useful brass sounds, real samples, drum breaks, custom made kicks and snares and some uplifters and audio effects. Hope you like them!

Custom made sounds and instruments for FL Studio

Important Place all ‘The lab dump’ files in the same folder of the root installation folder (or where you usually place all your sounds and drumktis) of FL Studio or any other DAW that are you using. Just make sure that the file path do not change otherwise may result in a corrupt file project finding no sounds / root files. Do not move the files.

About Surce Beats

Music producer from Spain. 1986. Do it yourself. Listen my music and beats here.